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Featherston School | Te Kura o Paetumokai

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Featherston School | Te Kura o Paetūmokai

This project was designed by Rainbow Projects - which is a collaboration between Cheryl Gallaway and myself. Cheryl is a freelance Graphic/UX Designer and artist, and teaches at the School of Design at Victoria University in Wellington.

Cheryl and I found creative resonance working together, in their shared love of colour and belief in the power of design to make a positive social impact. Together we brought a knowledge of design across graphic, spatial and social platforms and were able to bring this holistic approach to the Featherston School Project.

The new colourful paint job of the fence is one component of part of an exciting visual identity development project that has been taking place at  Featherston School | Te Kura o Paetumokai over 2017-2018. The project has involved the  development of a new visual identity that embodies and represents the values, character and vibrant energy of Featherston School. This identity includes a new logo, a new te reo name for the school - Te Kura o Paetūmokai, a website, signage and the painted fence colour. All these elements work together to brighten up the school and make visible the vibrant and rich culture of Featherston School to our entire school community and everyone whopasses by!

Cheryl and Rosie have worked collaboratively on the project, with close engagement with the School and Whanau to develop the visual identity. The fence is also part of Rosie’s PhD research (through RMIT University in Melbourne), where she is exploring the power and implications of painting as a practice in interior design. The new painted colour aims to activate the edge of the school, to bring vibrancy and movement to what was previously a rather institutional looking fence. The colours on the fence relate to the colours in the logo (see below), but they also work to make visual connections in the environment, to resonate and contrast with the surrounding colours and textures of the school and Featherston’s beautiful hills.

The painting of the fence has received huge support, input and generosity from the school, school whānau and the wider community. Parents and staff have given their time to help sand, paint, bake and deliver hot chips to tired painters!

The project has also been generously supported by Resene who have donated ALL of the paint for the project. Thank you Resene!


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